Mystery boxes

On some upcoming Friday night you’ll find multiple arcade machines placed around Seattle & King County.

These aren’t your usual arcade machines, though.

Not a normal arcade machine

They are custom built with unique games designed specifically to be played by residents of the area.

Players are given the chance to collaborate from a distance. Someone in Lake City solving a puzzle with someone in White Center. A player in the International District exploring a virtual world with a player in Ballard.

Explore the city

Popup Arcade is an opportunity to learn about your city and fellow residents through collaborative, place-based arcade games.

Imagine a co-op puzzle game that invites citizens across the city to play and connect with each other. The game would consist of puzzles that require multi-player involvement to solve. The goal is to improve community engagement across a city, and encourage citizens to work together toward a common goal. For example, the puzzles would require multiple players to solve them, and a player can request help, which would make a remote console flash in order to attract the help of a passerby.


At a recent hackathon focused on Parks & Recreation, we built the 2nd round of prototype arcade machines. Here’s some photos:

luke & the machine

the team

Earlier prototypes!

We made the first prototypes in for the 2015 Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

The arcade machines have cameras, so kids at the faire sent animated gif selfies making funny faces back and forth.

The machines are super fun even in their current sloppy prototype state:

arcade machine prototype photo

Find out when you can play

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Peek inside the mystery

We’re building the Popup Arcade with open source. We use the Raspberry Pi, Node.js, and other technologies to create the arcade machines.

You can follow along with and join the team by checking out our code on GitHub: